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The extraordinary quality and genetic diversity of Venezuelan cacao.

Our mission is to revolutionize cocoa production in Venezuela by increasing productivity, safeguarding unique genetic varieties, and fostering sustainable economic opportunities for the community.

Our Journey Towards Sustainable Cocoa 


Reforestation and Nursery

Our goal is to propagate the variety of criollo cocoa, a native venezuelan variety highly valued in the chocolate industry, within our community through grafting of adult trees or seedlings in the nursery.

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Transparent Sourcing

By operating directly in the producing country, we can intervene at each stage of the chain and guarantee traceability, a fair price and quality cocoa.



Tracking every step of the cacao journey, from farm to final product, with blockchain technology.

Get Involved

Learn more about our vision and actively contribute to the journey towards a transparent, traceable, and sustainable cocoa.

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