Premium Cocoa Sustainable Farming

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We know how important the environment is to you. That's why we collect, ferment and dry our own cocoa beans in collaboration with farmers that care about the environment and quality.

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We treat our cocoa beans with the utmost care. Natural techniques and traditional farming practices are more important than ever because they preserve biodiversity and safeguard the origin of each bean.

A big part of working with ethical suppliers is what happens before a farmer even picks their crop. To ensure the cacao trees and bean pollinators are thriving, we provide financing for reforestation, as well as provide fair pricing for the farmers.

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What Do We Stand For?

At Cacao Marquez, we are a small company with big ideas for the future of cocoa and chocolate. We work every day with very special farmers to produce high quality cocoa beans, which allows us to guarantee traceability, consistency of post-harvest practices and quality. Our goal is to create an ideal ecosystem where  farmers, cooperatives and chocolate makers can thrive and support reforestation, preservation of rivers and forests in the region, as well as our unique cocoa varieties.


Preserve Cocoa And Biodiversity

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Serrania Perija, situated between Venezuela and Colombia is surrounded by vast mountain ranges. It is a breathtaking sight to behold. Much of the Venezuelan region of the range has been converted into a national park to conserve the area. Besides just mountain ranges, the area is made special by the rivers that flow across the territory:  Rio Socuy and Rio Guasare. There are hundreds of pipes and springs, with the potential of agriculture and livestock. The territory spans over 2,000 kilometers with temperatures that reach 6° C.

Venezuelan premium cacao has been highly sought after for decades, given its rich aromas and flavor diversity. But the Cacao Criollo stands apart from the rest and is the finest variety of cocoa in the world.

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Unique High Quality Cacao For Chocolate Creations.

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