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Specialty Cacao
Mindful Sourcing

 By partnering with us, chocolate makers gain access to a network of cocoa farmers that prioritize the preservation of cocoa varieties with unique flavors and aromas.

Uncompromising Quality After Harvest

We constantly strive to improve our fermentation methods. Creating a feedback loop with our allied chocolate makers that ensures that we're producing high-quality fermented cocoa for award winning chocolate.

Safeguarding the Cacao Ecosystem

Planting more trees will help to recover endangered forests, improve river and stream health and help repair the damage that climate change has done to the planet.

Conserving Rare Cacao Varieties

We use genetic analysis to identify unique cacao varieties for conservation. These include the Criollo known as Porcelana.

Empowering the Cacao Community 

We strive to make cocoa production a profitable business for all actors in the supply chain through increased productivity, transparent sourcing, and cooperation with producers.




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