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The Delight of Rare and Ethically Sourced Cocoa

We have a deep-rooted belief that flavor and quality are the direct results of impeccable harvest and commercial practices.

Countries like Venezuela possess a rich diversity of cocoa genetics capable of creating extraordinary chocolate. That's why we dedicate ourselves to ensuring the ideal conditions for cultivating the finest flavor cacao, forging strong partnerships that bring value to a traditionally long and complex supply chain.

We handle a significant portion of the supply chain.



Through close cooperation with cocoa farmers, we strive to ensure that collection of cocoa pods is timed to perfection, setting up the process for sucess.

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At the heart of our approach lies the provision of optimal conditions for fermentation, allowing us to unlock the hidden flavors present in every cocoa variety, while embracing the complexity and spontaneity of the process.

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Navigating the intricate cocoa supply chain, we relentlessly prioritize transparency and ensuring our cocoa makes its way to artisan chocolate makers who can truly appreciate its unique flavor.

In Pursuit of Taste, Transparency, and Transformative Change

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We are committed to letting nature work its magic while providing the best possible conditions for aroma development. By carefully monitoring temperature and humidity levels during fermentation, we allow the unique flavors of each harvest to come alive.


We diligently explore every farm, producer, and terroir to uncover the unique story behind each cocoa bean. Our commitment to transparency drives us to showcase the journey of every cocoa, connecting artisans with a passionate community of cocoa producers who share our dedication to variety, growth, and long-term partnerships.

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We firmly believe that chocolate presents a tremendous opportunity for creating a positive impact. We are committed to preserving our ecosystems, fostering the development of local economies, and forging connections between forests, people, and food.


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