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La Sabana
Rio Socuy

Perijá's forests, their rivers and its wildlife are just examples of the many characteristics that make us speak of the town as an example of nature and life itself. Located in the northwestern area of Zulia state, this picturesque mountain is a place of natural beauty.

It is part of the Andean mountain range and its primary line points to the trench of intimacy between Colombia and Venezuela. This characteristic relic is the place where Yukpas and Barí tribes lived, besides it is one of the least developed posts in the national terroir.

The Perijá National Park is an environmental protected area of Venezuela, located in the states of Zulia and Táchira and covers an important sector of the frontier with Colombia. The park was created by presidential decree on January 19, 1960, to protect a region with high biodiversity and natural resources. It has an extension of 363 square miles and its main objective is the conservation of flora and fauna.

The variety of temperature throughout the region is given by a progressive decrease in temperature as elevation increases. However, the angle of decrease varies depending on physiographic factors for each zone considered. The region's average temperature ranges between 6ºC and 26ºC with an annual rainfall of 1,500-4,000mm.

Socuy River

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The people of the Sierra de Perijà depend on the Socuy River for drinking water, bathing, and washing. It's more than a resource: it's life. But the subsoil of the Sierra de Perijà is rich in coal, making this region extremely appealing to mining companies.

Supply Chain

Cacao Marquez harvests, transports and ferments this cacao in the post-harvest center, a process that yields only 400 kilograms per harvest season. However, since the farm is at risk of disappearing, we took over the rehabilitation and production of this area and are now working to recover all healthy trees possible. We are partnering with a group of chocolate makers to produce fine chocolate from this particular cacao.

Our Process


Collection and Transport

Post Harvest Treatment




Cacao Profile

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4 days

Flavor Notes

Sugar Cane,  Fruit, Almond


High % Criollo


Single Farm

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