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Unique Cacao

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For years, the legend of a rare, high quality Cocoa has been told, Porcelana cacao is a rare cocoa that has been presumed to been discovered in the Sur del Lago region near Maracaibo. It charmed the chocolate world by its smoothness and exiquisite flavor.

The Spaniards delighted in the flavor of this cacao bean, believing it to be more flavorful than all others, named it Porcelana for its porcelain-like appearance; "each thousand flowers yielded only one ear, containing 25 delicious seeds."Luis, Ramírez (2010)

In recent years, Porcelana has become a rare delicacy in the world of chocolate. With our work on the preservation program, we have managed to grow Porcelana trees at our post-harvest center, which we hope to use to expand the variety of cacao in our small farms.


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How Cacao Marquez is Preserving Venezuelan Cacao

Our goal is to produce premium Cacao while preserving the environment.

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In partnership with our community of farmers, we work to ensure that small scale farms can recover their productivity by planting new trees and implementing treatments to ensure adult trees are healthy.

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Post Harvest

By improving post-harvest treatment of cocoa beans, we can make our unique cocoa the best it can be, fermentation is crucial in preserving the flavors that distinguish our cacao.

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Cocoa Nursery

We will create a nursery of grafted cocoa trees that can serve as a repository for rare cocoa varieties.

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A quality supply-chain management system will ensure the traceability of high-quality cocoa beans from tree to bar.

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The world's supply of chocolate depends on the efforts of cocoa farmers.

Conserve water resources. Protect the environment. Support reforestation. Chocolate lovers will thank you.

Home to vast underground aquifers and spectacular ecosystems, the underground rivers of the Sierra de Perijá are in danger. Deforestation has reduced the quality of the soil, and groundwater reserves continue to fall as coal mining proliferates. This necessitates conservation measures that will protect these natural resources for future generations.

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Our goal is to provide quality cacao that honors the people, traditions and location where cacao was born.

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Let's work together

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